Yado is an online legal service platform specialized in Company Verification, Company Registration, Certificate Verification, and Legal Commercial Document and Legal consultation Services, which is based on a professional lawyer firm, to pave a safer and broader way for you in global markets.

On Yado platform, you will get more and stable orders from global market.

Yado can help you extending your business scope and also can insure your safety in business or investment.

Investment orientation

Investment orientation: International law firms or business enterprise can apply to join Yado’s platform, who can do Company verification, company Registration, Legal Consultants and Legal Documents.


  1. Sellers must provide the real information and files.
  2. Please make sure the reality, integrity and validity of files and information when you apply to join or for subsequent phases,once it be found false, Yado will not cooperate with sellers.

Discuss the Cooperation Issue

Required the information
  1. sellers’official name.
  2. Please provide: company introduction,company website,registration address,business type,other relavant qualifications.
  3. Contact information: contact person,telephone number, email address, address etc.
Please provide above datas and contact us,Yado will serve you wholeheartedly

Cooperation Process


Discuss Detail


Sign Contract




After-sales Clearing


Strategy cooperation

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