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Avoid dealing with fake companies, fraudulent schemes and other risks that occur in the process of global trade and investment.

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Get the information you need on a company. Choose which package is right for you, whether you want just the basic facts or more comprehensive information.

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We charge less than law firms do. Our fees are fixed -- we charge for results, not time. There are no extra or hidden fees.

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Don’t waste your time on long talks with lawyers. It takes less than 5 minutes to submit your information on And your report will be ready as soon as possible.


There is only one verification: standard verification.India‘s standard verification contains 16 items.

Company CIN No. Company CIN No. is dedicated to finding primary details of companies registered in India under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India
ROC Code India has one registrar of companies for each of the below regions. Each state typically has one registrar office or shares an office with neighboring states and/or union territories.
Registration date The date when the company was officially registered
Registration number The company’s official registration number
Contact person The person in charger to contact and his/her contact phone number
Company Name The company's official name which registered by registration office.
Entity type The company' s type of incorporation, e.g. "limited liability company"
Company Subcategory A subdivision that has common differentiating characteristics within a larger category of the company.
Company Category The company’s type of incorporation, e.g. "limited liability company"
Registered address Aprincipal address registered within the area of jurisdiction of the localregistration authority - by law, this should be the address of the company's main
Authorised Capital(in Rs.) The declared investment in the company to be made by shareholders
Paid up capital(in Rs.) The amount of the registered capital already paid in and reported
Date of Incorporation It is the date a company is registered/set up at Companies House; the date it comes into existence.
Date of Last AGM The Date of last an annual general meeting (commonly abbreviated as AGM, also known as the annual meeting) is a meeting of the general membership of an organization.
Date of Balance sheet A balance sheet often states that it is prepared as of a specific date, referred to as the balance sheet date.
Company Status The company status is shown on the 'Company Details' screen and indicates whether a company is recorded as registered, struck off, in liquidation or in receivership.


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2015-12-11 KhamHarma

Got the report yesterday, everything is fine but I just wondering why there is no newsletter for my order. All in all thank u for everything.

2015-12-11 Volodomr

I was buying a present from To be sure that they are a real company, I ordered the Basic Mainland China Check. In few days the report was done and I am very satisfied that Yado helped me to verify

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I ever need company verification?-

Trade fraud and investment trap are still the underlying risks for international business.
The losses caused by fraud is different because of different area and different company. The main types of fraud include: false accounts, misappropriation of assets, employees or management fraud, as well as investment program fraud, computer fraud, insurance fraud, intellectual property fraud, corruption and money laundering.
However, fraud can be identified, managed and decreased.  
We can evaluate the each part of risk from multiple angle, then we can reduce the risk.

What can company verification offer me?+

1) A thorough company verification will assist you to avoid business traps and detours and save you energy and fortune. 
2) Sufficient information disclosure will lift the veil covered over your targeted company and present its true investment value in front of you.
3) Compared to traditional third party due diligence, the platform company verification will provide you the best but cost you the least. 
4) Time-saving and cost-effective service help you to concentrate on your real business opportunities instead of underlying risks.

Why should I choose Yado?+

1) Yado is a law firm based platform consists of elite lawyers specialized in international trade and investment. 
2) Yado’s team members have superb language skills, an extensive international background, and lot of experience serving international clients.
3) Information sources are assured to be authentic, authoritative and reliable. 
4) Yado’s services are immediate and efficient and we are always at your service.

What information does company verification report cover?+

There are basic company verification and comprehensive company verification.
Basic Company Verification: a report based on basic SAIC registration information of targeted company will be presented, including registration name, registration date, registration number, legal representative, registered capital, operating period, stockholder, business scope and more. 
Comprehensive Company Verification: a report will be presented, together with a copy of business electronic archives. There will be detailed information change history and annual financial statement, if any, besides all the items included in basic company verification

What areas does your service cover and how do you charge it?+

Currently our company verification service covers over 100 countries and regions, including mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Vietnam, Singapore, and more...
Started with only $50!

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