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The advantages of Hongkong

1. Has the world-class economic, logistics and transport hub facilities.

2. Gaining international credit by making use of Hongkong’s reputation.

3. As an international financial centre, Hong kong multiple financing channels.

4.With the absence of foreign exchange controls, funds can be circulated freely, foreign currencies can be exchanged and transferred as needed, and credit operations can be handled conveniently and quickly.

5. No limitation on business scope and simple follow-up service.

6. Simplified taxation system, low taxation rate.

7. Tax needs to be declared just once per year.

8. No withholding tax, value added tax, and capital gains tax.

Requirements of Registration

1. Name of the company
According to the Hong Kong Companies Registry, having the same name with another company is banned, no matter whether it is Chinese name or English name.

2. Shareholders and Directors
No nationality limitation.
One legal shareholder or director at least.
The founding of Hong Kong Limited Company is allowed that its architecture contains corporation shareholders and corporation directors.
Customers must provide the confirmation of their identity documents and a photocopy of the address confirmation for company registration purpose.
New company regulations take effect from 2014.
There shall be a Natural Person in each private company.

3. Company secretary and registered address
According to the Hong Kong Company Regulations, information about the appointed company secretary and registered address is required.
These information is not necessary when using our agent service of providing the appointed company secretary and registered address.

4. Registered capital
Shares may be issued with a minimum of one share, equivalent to HK $ 1.00.

Business Type

1. Choose to register a brand new company or buy a readymade company
Brand new company Readymade company
Processing time standard: 7 working days standard: 2 working days
express: 2 working days

2. Prepare for registration
Company name To submit 3 company names or to choose from our recommended name list
Shareholders and members of the board Full name
(Shareholders can be appointed to members of the board)
Company secretary Full name
Hong Kong ID NO. / Passport NO.
(Not required if you use our secretarial service)
Registration address Hong Kong address for registration
Postal mailbox for replacement not allowed
(Not required if you use our registration address agency service)

3. Choose our services for company registration in Hong Kong
company registration service registration address
secretarial service
opening company bank account
USD 1290

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