British Virgin Islands belongs to members of the Commonwealth, in 1967 began to autonomy. Since 1984, British Virgin Islands introduce the international business Companies Ordinance and newly developed “Business Law” makes offshore financial services industry rapid rise in BVI.

Official Language: English
Law system: British common law
Currency: USD
Time Zone: GMT-4

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Features and Advantages:

1. Commercial companies are not affected by tax issues

2. No foreign exchange controls

3. Protect privacy and assets

4. Anonymity

Main Company Features:

Basic datas:
1.Political stability: good
2.Type of company: IBC
3.Legal system: US-UK legal system

Enterprise demands:
1. Min. Numbers of shareholders: 1
2. Min. Numbers of director: 1
3. Registered address: yes
4. Company secretary: optional

1. Standard legal equity: 50,000
2. Corporation tax: no
3. Annual return: no
4. Existing company: yes

1. Publicly disclose the ultimate beneficiary: no
2. Publicly disclose the shareholders: optional
3. Publicly disclose the directors: optional

Requirements of Registration

Name of the company
Whether Chinese name or English name or;
Both Chinese name and English name

Shareholders and Directors
No nationality limitation
The shareholders and directors of the company are acceptable.
Passport for company registration and photocopy of the address confirmation are required.

Company secretary and registered address
The registered address in BVI is required.
Customers shall keep the alternate address for operation and corresponding.
According to the regulations in BVI, company secretary is optional.

Capital requirement
Able to issue a minimum of one shares(equivalent to US $ 1) to reflect sole ownership
Par value per share is usually one dollar.
Standard statutory shares is 50,000 shares.(If the statutory share is more than 50,000 shares, the company registration and the annual government fees are different.)

Business Type

1. Choose to register a brand new company or buy a readymade company
Brand new company Readymade company
Processing time standard: 7 working days standard: 2 working days

2. Prepare for registration
Company name To submit 3 company names or to choose from our recommended name list
Shareholders and members of the board Full name
(Shareholders can be appointed to members of the board)

3. Choose our services for company registration in BVI
company registration service
incumbency certificate or good standing
document certification
secretarial service
registration address
opening company bank account
USD 1548

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