About Us


We solve local problems for your global business 
YADO helps local business to grow globally by verifying information and offering local support. 
We make international trade easier, show new opportunities and speak the same language. 

We guide you through the global markets 
How do we make it happen? 
We offer our clients services of company verification, legal documents, business registration, translation, immigration and talk to a lawyer. 

Global reach with just one click 
We cover 100 jurisdictions and keep on growing. Our platform encompasses both YADO’s team of experienced lawyers and service providers from countries covered, aiming to deliver fast and reliable results to our clients.  

YADO – your local guide to the global markets. 



We shape the future of the global trade and investment services 
Cross-border investment and trade should be easy, accessible for everyone and risk free, as much as possible. That’s is the cornerstone aim of YADO, an idea of its founder and CEO, Mr. Yi Zhou, former director of Lawyers Associated Worldwide in Asia-Pacific.

Mr. Yi is qualified in both Mainland China and Hong Kong, has over ten years of working experience in global trade and investment. He has three law degrees from three prominent universities: LLB from Wuhan University, Mainland China; LLM from Xiamen University, Mainland China and LLM from University College of London, the UK.  

During his vast practice of cross-border investment and trade, he has noticed that only big enterprises are able to hire professional legal counselors to protect from any risks involving global transactions. Thus, small and medium enterprises are left alone in the darkness of the global business and trading risks. 

With the mission to protect local companies from such risks and to expand their global reach, YADO was established. 

The team that brings Internet, Law and other business services together
To make YADO more accessible and to reach more clients, the Internet was chosen as the main communication platform. To make it possible, a team of highly qualified IT specialists designed and maintain YADO’s online global platform.

With the help of the IT team, clients from all over the world can reach YADO’s professionals and get the needed business and legal solutions.
The other main arm of YADO’s  team is the team of top-notch lawyers and other professionals. They are experienced in providing various legal and different business solutions, as well as have a client-oriented approach.

A global partnership 
Issues that require local solutions also require engagement of local professionals. YADO collaborates with local lawyers and other service providers to deliver its clients the most efficient and reliable services. 

People matter 
Thanks to the combinations of these two teams, the IT team and the legal and business solutions team, YADO is able to fulfill its main mission – guide local companies to the global markets.   


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